South Africa’s Top Safari Spots


Safaris have always been a popular and exciting holiday activity, for people worldwide seeing animals in their natural habitat is exciting and educational. South Africa boasts some of the best wildlife and game reserves that the world has to offer. The country is home to the Big 5 and allows you to view them in luxury alongside breath-taking views and incredible foods. South Africa is a popular tourist destination and there is no doubt why- with its friendly people, delicious food and beautiful scenery you won’t want to leave.


South Africa’s Top Safari Spots

MalaMala Game Reserve

MalaMala is a private game reserve on the borders of the Kruger National Park and Sab Sand Game Reserve. They boast incredible sightings of the Big 5 and most specifically leopard. The reserve boasts large coverage of the river and is even known for their bird sightings alongside everything else. You can enjoy great weather and relax by the pool in the days after morning sightings, afternoon tea or game walks as well as another evening drive.

Sabi Sand Game Reserve

This specific location is divided into multiple individual private game reserves. The upmarket experience specifically found at Arathusa is one specific lodge that will leave you starstruck. With outdoor showers and indoor baths that overlook nature, private pools, and incredible local cuisine you will be in heaven. You can enjoy a romantic dinner by the riverside or private sundowners in the heart of the wild.


Singita is not ranked as the best but the locals stand strongly by their favoritism for the lodges. The brand of lodges boasts resorts in multiple African countries. With an array of experiences that are all rooted in rustic luxury, you are without a doubt bound to have an unbelievable time. The lodges boast huge suites with private pools and lounging areas that allow relaxation in the heart of the wild. You never know what animal might surprise you right outside your bedroom window.

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