The Gut Health Trends You Need To Get On


There has been a major shift in diet and health culture in recent times and over the years/ decades. The shift from losing weight, being skinny, and simply getting to your goal as soon as possible has changed. Instead, today people aim to live healthier lives which at first began by people eating heart-healthy foods, whole grains, darker grains, and also healthy fats. This transitioned into superfoods and diets consisting of a variety of healthier options. People have begun eating healthier, heartier, and more what is good for their bodies rather than following the old diet culture. It has become about fueling and feeding healthily. Additionally, this has recently progressed into gut health fads and foods. The microbiome has become the center of what to eat and what assists the body in absorbing nutrients effectively. From fermentation to plants and herbs the latest, greatest, and most recommended are listed below. Get in on gut health the fad is here to stay.

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Shutterstock 344266466

Plants Plants Plants

Eating vegetables, nuts, beans and all types of natural ingredients that are grown is an easy addition. Try eating 20 different types in a week, you can put them in smoothies or just mix it up with what you’re eating on the daily. People who consume more plants show more microbial diversity in their gut, they also have fewer bacteria that is bad or harmful. It is all about variety and diversity but as different plants have different nutrients, functions and can enhance your gut health in different ways. Different plants have different functions and nutrients but the biggest factor is diversity in order to promote more bacteria, more change and a variety of nutrients.


Kombucha, yogurt, kimchi, and other fermented foods are making their way into the mouths of many promoting gut health. Why? Fermented foods contain lots of probiotics and assist in creating a healthy lining in the stomach. The link between these foods and a protective lining then joins to the ideal of healthy bacteria and microbes, which in turn connects to a healthy immune system. Your immune system responds to these bacteria. Kefir is also making waves it is similar to yogurt but a drinking consistency that contains just as many probiotics and assists in a healthy, happy gut.


These are foods that relieve gas and assist in the digestive processes. Ginger, cumin, fennel, mint, nutmeg, and cardamom are carminatives. Ginger has been shown to help nausea, oatmeal coats, and soothes the stomach, and peppermint leaf or oil has been used in the treatment of eating disorders as it relaxes the stomach muscles. The association between black beans and cardamom is, in turn, explained as cardamom assists in the digestion of black beans. We like to make fresh ginger and fennel tea which soothes the stomach and assists in a feeling of calm within the gut. Simply add ginger root and fennel seeds to hot water you can let the mixture sit all ay and simply pour bits into a cup, add freshly boiled water and voila.

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