Average selling price of smartphones globally increased in Q2 2020: Counterpoint Research


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2020 has been a pretty terrible year all things considered, but it was also pretty bad for smartphone buyers. According to a report by Counterpoint Research the average selling price (ASP) of smartphones globally increased by 10% YoY in Q2 2020. This came in the face of the highest ever decline in smartphone shipments YoY at 23%. The report notes that the overall smartphone industry is expected to decline at 15% YoY. 

The report notes that prices for smartphones increased in almost all regions except in Latin America where prices decreased by 5% YoY. The APAC region, that includes India, saw an increase of 11% YoY. However, the highest increase was in China where it increased by 13% YoY. 

CounterPoint Research’s report also revealed that there was an increase in smartphone dependency during the lockdown with an increase in downloads of work from home, study at home, productivity, gaming, entertainment and other content consumption applications. 

There was also an increase in shipments of 5G smartphones. Q2 2020 saw 5G smartphones contribute 10% to total global handset shipment and 20% to the total handset revenue. Interestingly 72%of the global 5G handset revenue came from China, with a majority of the 5G smartphones released by Huawei.

In terms of global smartphone shipment revenue share, Apple got the biggest slice of the pie with 34%. Interestingly though, Huawei took the number two sport with a revenue share of 20%, more than Samsung who had a revenue share of 17%. It should be noted that Huawei is currently banned from using Android in any of its newer smartphones. The company is also tipped to unveil its new HarmonyOS soon and is expected to be available in phones from 2021 onwards.  


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