Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations start from May 18 on Google Play Store


Battlegrounds Mobile India will be up for pre-registrations from May 18 on the Google Play Store in India. The much-awaited spiritual successor to PUBG Mobile India was announced earlier this month and Krafton Inc has been teasing the launch ever since. PUBG Mobile was banned in India in 2020 with the government of India citing privacy and security concerns. There is no word on the exact launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India yet.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will go for pre-registrations first for Android as revealed previously. There is still no word when iOS users will be able to pre-register for the game. For Android users, the game will be available to pre-register on May 18 on the Google Play Store. Additionally, those who pre-register for the game will be eligible to receive exclusive rewards that they can claim when the game launches in India.

As it is an India-centric game, it will not be available globally and the rewards will also be specific to the Indian players. Recently, Battlegrounds Mobile India teased the Sanhok map for fans of the original PUBG Mobile and it is expected that it will be playable at launch. 

How to register for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India begins on May 18 in India. To pre-register for the game, users will have to visit the Google Play Store. Once in the Play Store, you will see a banner to pre-register for the game or you can simply search ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India” in the search bar to go to the game’s listing.

Once you see the listing, click on the “Pre-register” button and everyone who pre-registers will be able to claim an exclusive reward that will be automatically available when the game officially launches in India.

While announcing Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton revealed that the game will have exclusive in-game events like outfits and other such features. The developers also revealed that the game will power its own esports ecosystem in India with tournament and league matches with big prize pools. They will also collaborate with partners to boost the esports scene in India and will bring exclusive in-game content that will be India-centric.

Krafton Inc has not revealed the exact launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India yet but it is rumoured to launch in June.


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