nCore Games finally releases FAUG on iOS for Apple iPhone and iPad


FAUG is now available on iOS for Apple iPhone and iPad and users can download the Indian mobile game from the Apple App Store. FAUG was launched on January 26 in India and witnessed over 10 lakh downloads on Android in just a day of launch. The game was also launched for Android users globally via the Google Play Store and has now arrived on iOS.

Developer nCore Games announced that FAUG is now available on iOS and shared a link to download the game from the Apple app store. Several iPhone users have been waiting for the game to drop on iOS and though it took some time, it is finally available to play on an iPhone or iPad. On iOS, FAUG has a download size of 643MB and is compatible with iOS/iPad 10.0 or later.

FAUG is currently rated at 3.2 stars on the Google Play Store down from 3.5 stars on February 1 with over 6,36,766 user reviews. The poor rating of FAUG boils down to the fact that the hype surrounding the game was almost palpable before launch. But the final product was not up to the level players expected.

FAUG is based on the Galwan Valley conflict that occurred between Indian and Chinese soldiers in 2020. The game only lets users play the single-player campaign, which is based on the Galwan Valley clashes. To add a sense of realism, the game does not feature any weapons and instead, relies on melee combat.

The developers have teased that a Team Deathmatch and Free For All modes are in development but has not revealed when players can expect those to be added in FAUG. 

You can check out our detailed FAUG review here. We have also jotted down five things the devs can do to make the game better that you read here. If you want to download the game and try it out for yourself, then you should check this out


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