Vi Vodafone Idea weekend data rollover lets you accumulate unused date for the weekend


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A lot of telecom providers give prepaid users access to high-speed data with a data cap of 1.5, 2, 3 or even 4GB per day.  Once you’ve reached the data cap, the speed drops and you are left waiting for midnight for the speed to reset. But what happens when you don’t use the daily limit data? Traditionally it would get wasted. But it looks like Vi (Vodafone idea) has a solution for this. It is called Weekend Rollover. Let’s understand this feature in detail. 

What is weekend data rollover?

With weekend data rollover, a user can carry forward his/her unused data from the week over to the weekend. To understand this, let’s say you have a plan that gives you 2GB data per day. But you only use 1GB data per day. This leaves you with 1GB per day getting added to your weekend kitty. From Monday to Friday, that’s 5GB. So, on Saturday, you will have access to the 2GB of the day along with your accumulated 5GB giving you 7GB data to enjoy on Saturday. Of the 7, you consume 4GB leaving yourself 3GB for Sunday. Add Sunday’s 2GB and you have 5GB for Sunday. Then the clock resets, and you have to start accumulating your data again.  

The weekend data rollover feature is available on all prepaid plans with a daily data limit starting at Rs 249.

Who all are eligible for the Vi weekend data rollover plan?

According to Vi, “All Vi Prepaid customers can enjoy this benefit by recharging with the unlimited packs with daily quota given below”.

On its website, Vodafone lists 9 different plans available that can exploit the benefits of the Weekend Data Rollover plan. As mentioned above, the plan starts at Rs 249 which gives users 1.5GB data per day and a validity of 28 days. At the other end of the spectrum, there is the Rs 2595 plan giving users a 365 days validity and 2GB data per day. 


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