Xiaomi Mi TV Stick unboxing reaffirms everything we know about the device


The Xiaomi Mi TV stick is undoubtedly the company’s worst kept secret. The device which has been making the rounds of the internet for some time now has finally been unboxed. In the unboxing images, we get to see the contents of the box, the packaging along with how different it is in form factor to the Fire TV Stick.

The leaked unboxing image comes from Twitter user @Muritzy. The packaging of the device is quite minimalistic and it contains a remote control, power plug, USB cable and the stick itself. As per the leaked image, the device does have a dual-tone colour – glossy black and matte black. The package also very clearly indicates that it is the 1080p variant of the stick.

One thing to note is that the Mi TV Stick does not come with an HDMI extender, something we do get with the Fire TV Stick. This extender is always a boon as the Fire TV Stick is quite thick and can obstruct other HDMI ports. In terms of its dimensions, it looks like the Mi TV Stick is smaller than the Fire TV stick. The Mi TV Stick also comes with a remote control that is exactly the same as the one we saw on the Mi Box 4K (review).

The leaked images are also accompanied by a video showing the UI of the Mi TV Stick. It runs on Android 9 out of the box, the same we saw on the Mi Box 4K and also has the March 2020 security patch. It is capable of outputting at a maximum of 1080p 60fps. The UI is very reminiscent of what we saw with the Mi Box 4K.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick Price

Recently it was leaked that the Mi Box 4K will cost as much as a Chromecast, which is roughly Rs 3499. If the device launches in India, then this pricing is on par with what the Chromecast sells for and a little cheaper than the 1080p Fire TV Stick. There is no new information on the 4K variant of the Mi TV Stick. You can read about the leaked specifications of the Mi TV Stick 4K here.

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